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James Flooring Hardwood Floor Refinishing Restores Lackluster Floors to Like New Condition

Even durable hardwood flooring will eventually lose its luster from foot traffic and other everyday events and require hardwood floor refinishing.

When your hardwood floors start to look the worse for wear, think about restoring their beauty with hardwood floor refinishing from James Flooring. This is a far superior and less costly solution than tearing out your old floor and replacing it with a costly new one. We proudly serve the communities of Bunnell, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach and others in our local Florida area.

Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

First of all, it will cost you much less money. It will also return the original luster and prestige to your hardwood floors. Moreover, it's a faster, cleaner project than complete floor replacement and will prove less invasive to your family's lifestyle.

What is the Process for Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

After years of foot traffic, especially from children and pets, the finish becomes worn and that's how damage occurs. There are three primary steps in the hardwood floor refinishing process to correct this damage:

These are, in priority order,
  • Sanding
  • Staining
  • Refinishing

Sanding eliminates the surface layers of the hardwood that have been damaged by removing them.

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Hardwood Refinishing at James Flooring near Ormond Beach, FL
Hardwood Refinishing at James Flooring near Palm Coast, FL
Hardwood Refinishing at James Flooring near St Augustine, FL
Once your complete floor has been sanded, we stain the hardwood with the stain you prefer. This will give your hardwood floor the outstanding shine that it had when it was first newly installed.

Finally, James Flooring specialists will put the finish on your hardwood floor, to restore to its previous beauty; this finish is a clear epoxy coating that protects the floor's surface. It will protect your flooring from any new damage and also make your hardwood floor stronger. Refinishing your hardwood will also extend the life of your floor for many years to come.

Before hardwood floor refinishing can get under way, however, a few things must be accomplished. All the furniture needs to be taken out of the room, so that the entire floor can be worked on. Another thing that will need to be done is to cover all the light fixtures, AC outlets and doorways with plastic film and masking tape.

If you would like to learn more about our hardwood floor refinishing, call us or stop by in our Bunnell, FL showroom for a personal discussion.

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